Klamath Falls Forest Estates Photos.

2.30 acre Klamath Falls Forest Estates property. We also own the lot next door which is also for sale, for someone who prefers a double-sized property. Please send us an email and we’ll send you a list of details including specific directions and ways to look at the property on overhead maps. It is a beautiful lot, with many trees and manzanita. It is situated with maximum privacy. Great views. Located in the Klamath Falls Forest Estates area, about 12 miles north of Bonanza, Oregon. Price: $13,500. Financing is available for a down payment of $900 plus payments of $184.07 per month for 7 years, at 6% interest. No “document fee” or other fees. Rectangular in shape. A football field is about the size of an acre, so the property is about 2.3 football fields, or 100,000 square feet. Platted, legal parcel and legal access; zoned rural residential for the construction of a dwelling.

Taxes: $65/year.

Map/tax lot number: R-3711-014D0-01300-000, and R-3711-014D0-01400-000

To see the county’s tax map, go to: https://kcgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Solutions/s2.html?appid=ce15b1ba6c754882b350f6754948e29d

Then enter “R383258” or “R383249” to get directly to the property.

An acre is about the size of a football field so it is roughly two football fields. Each property is 100,188 square feet in size.

It’s a beautiful, wooded area. Each property has a rectangular shape. It has legal access.

It is zoned rural residential for the construction of a dwelling. For zoning details, you can contact Mark at Klamath County Planning, tel. 541 851 3668.

The property has excellent privacy. It is a kingdom lot, positioned in a way that maximizes privacy, surrounded by forested lots. It slopes to the east, a beautiful area, and has expansive views.

It is difficult to count the number of trees, but there are well over a hundred on each property.

The property has not been built upon and is pristine. There are game trails and lots of signs of deer.

Legal access: the property has legal access.

The elevation is 5100 feet.

The property is visible on google maps and google earth. You can copy and paste the coordinates listed below for each corner into google maps or google earth to zoom in to the property.


From Bonanza, go 7.75 miles north to Highway 140. Turn right (north) on Highway 140 and go 2.8 miles to Kingfisher Drive.

Turn right (east) on Kingfisher. Go 2.23 miles.

Go left on Vireo. Go .25 mile.

This is the SW corner of the south property. The property is to the right (east).


SW corner: A 2X4 board with a red top. Red paint on a nearby rock. Across the road, the owner of Lot 73 has a marker. GPS 42 21.607 N, 121 22.729 W.

SE corner: a metal rod plus a wooden stake with a red tip. Red paint on a nearby tree. GPS 42 21.607 N, 121 22.616 W.

NW corner of south property/SW corner of north property: red paint on a birch tree. Neighbor of Lot 73 across the road has a corner marker. GPS 42.21.64 N, 121 22.729 W.

NE corner of south property/SE corner of north property: red paint on a stump. Red pain on nearby tree. A sooden stake with a red tip, that says “east boundary”. 42 21.64 N, 121 22.616 W.

NW corner: a faint driveway for neighbor to the north. He has a “no trespassing” sign here. 42 21.673 N, 121 22.728 W.

NE corner: wooden stake with red tip, next to an iron rod. Two trees with red paint marks. 42.21.683 N, 121 22.616 W.