Please email: with any questions. If you're looking for your own ranch, hunting, or homestead land, you've come to the right place.

We can also provide a cabin or tiny house like the ones pictured below, separately and at additional cost.

cabin for sale at Oregon ranch

cabin for sale at Oregon ranch property interiorThe Ranch house pictured above is available separately. It is a newly built, one room plus bathroom of about 300sqft, stick built, inspected to code, blue labelled structure. Our crews can add square footage as needed. It provides the owner with a ready-built structure as a main residence or as a headquarters while building a larger house. It is designed for flexibility and can be moved to any of the many potential home sites on the property.

 Oregon ranch Juniper trees view

This tiny house is also available separately:  tiny house home Oregon ranch

ranch Oregon property for sale


In general:

- There are excellent views and multiple potential home sites on each ranch property.

- We will transfer all mineral rights that we own to the new owner.

- There are excellent opportunities for sustainable living and stewardship of the land.

- The purchase of these properties provides full ownership of the land: there is no sharing of common land and no fractional ownership.

- UPS can deliver directly to the properties. Regular post is also available. 

- There are multiple Internet providers available.

A link from a recent news article on: Texans love ranch land


Regional information follows below: 

With modern communications, business can be carried out from anywhere, though it is a big advantage to have a major city like Bend nearby.

There are daily nonstop flights from nearby Redmond Airport to large cities such as San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Denver.


Oregon ranch horseshoes ranch land for sale


Homesteaders took ownership of the land in accordance with the Homestead Act by improving the land as required by the Act. Crawford, for example, received a deed signed by Woodrow Wilson in 1914. The homesteads were used for grazing, farming, and mining exploration. Click here for the original homestead record. Go to Land Patents and enter Oregon and Crook County, and then Estelle Reed). Some of the Reeds' descendants still live in Central Oregon. Many of the Juniper posts used in fencing the ranch were originally built by him.


antique hayrake Oregon ranch land for sale


- The properties offer privacy and have large size, which is rare to have within commuting distance of a world class city.

- These properties allow an owner to keep his own horses and cattle.

- Nearby are thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management federal land, leading all the way to Prineville Reservoir and beyond to the east and west. Large expanses of National Forest land are also in the area:

Oregon ranch land for sale national forest recreation

- Horse, hiking, and mountain bike trails are on the property itself, and trails lead directly from the property to hundreds of miles of trails through BLM and national forest. Ride your horse non-stop beginning at your property and beyond through these trails.

- Medical facilities within 30 minutes of this property are superb. Top-notch specialist doctors have been attracted to the region because of the lifestyle opporunities. The urgent care Bend Memorial Clinic and the main hospital at St. Charles Medical Center are world-class, outstanding facilities with efficient and polite staff. Just visit these hospitals and look around.

- The climate is favorable for people - and equipment, too. Facebook has its operating servers located near Prineville in an enterprise zone, where the temperature swing between warm days and cool, dry nights controls the servers' temperature. 

- Here is a photo taken far away. It doesn't look like this out on the ranches. Get away from the traffic:Oregon land for sale clean air

- There are numerous bird populations, deer, antelope, and (seasonally) elk.

- Boating, water skiing, and fishing are nearby at the beautiful Prineville Reservoir:

Prineville Reservoir land for sale

- An owner can create deer plots, in which forage is grown to attract and build deer and wildlife populations.

- An owner can hunt on his own property, which is especially advantageous as the quality of hunting on public land declines.

- There is unlimited firewood, and excellent firepit or BBQ locations. 

- There is plenty of space for trap or skeet shooting.

- The properties are about 30 minutes to the county seat of Prineville and 30 minutes to Bend, both offering all the amenities of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, fine restaurants, shopping, excellent schools and hospitals.

- People from east of the Mississippi will find the lack of biting insects to be delightful.

- There is pure air and nearly 300 days of sunshine each year (318 VFR days for pilots).

- Snow skiing at Mount Bachelor, an hour away:

skiing land for sale Oregon ranch

- There is world class trout fishing in the region:

fishing Crooked River land for sale 

- Major offroad trail system at the OHV trail network including 102 miles of trails in the North Millican system and 43 miles in the South Millican system:

Millican offroad trail land for sale

- Proximity to historical sites including the Meek wagon train trail and old homestead sites. Excellent historical information is available at the Bowman Museum and the Crook County Historical Society in Prineville and pioneering and homesteading information is at the High Desert Museum.

- Blue Bucket Mine country. The photograph below was not taken on the property.

gold mining land for sale ranch

- Rockhounding and geology: information at Forest Service site.

- High speed broadband internet available - it’s becoming more and more necessary today.

- Possibilities for helicopter landing sites.

- Golf at one of the 25 golf courses in the region listed here.

- Astronomical study is popular in the area and can be done on the ranch itself or at the Pine Mountain Observatory

- A very well-written diary of life on a 20 acre ranch in the region, including tips on building, is available here. The diary notes that for a property of this size, it will take a lot of walking around to select the best spots.

- Bird watching is one of the fastest growing activities in the region.

hawk on an Oregon ranch land for sale bird watching

- the region is a center for national cycling, and it is common to see cycling teams in training.